002C510-22-12The weather was perfect. The golfers—all 240 of them—were itching at the first tee for a chance to play 18 holes at Atlanta’s historic East Lake Golf Club. It was the 9th annual C5 Coca-Cola Golf Classic—a milestone year and the 9th time Atlantic Packaging has been our presenting sponsor.

The tournament raised over $760,000 to support C5 sites across the U.S. Here’s what that support gives us and our students the chance to do and be:

  • 3,240 students have benefitted from the C5 program over 10 years in operation
  • 100% of students at all four sites graduate from high school
  • 94% enter college or the military
  • 80% of students are first generation scholars
  • 54% of seasonal staff are returning C5 Alumni
  • 325,000 of community service are performed per graduating class

Golf Sponsor Spotlight: Novelis

Innovators tend to gather together, gravitate toward one another, draw energy from each other. Perhaps good ideas simply spread when forward-thinking entities work together. Whatever the reason, 2014 golf sponsor Novelis, an innovative world leader in rolled aluminum products, has chosen C5 to stand behind, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have their support.

“One of the pillars of our organization is the support of science and engineering education for youth, and that is right in C5’s wheelhouse,” says Novelis Director of Can Sales, Spooner Ward. “Helping create the new science and engineering leaders of the future is something that’s important to us, and C5 does a wonderful job of enabling that for a broad array of students that may not have otherwise had the opportunity.”

This year, during our tournament, Novelis opted to increase is support. We’re thrilled with their generosity, and are happy to know that the company is equally impressed with our students.

“I have interacted with C5 students at a variety of events, and I’m amazed at just how remarkable all of them are,” adds Mr. Ward. “Each person has an interesting story, and what strikes me is that these kids aren’t just going through the motions, like ‘OK, I’m doing this because I know I’m supposed to.’ Instead, every one of them is so passionate about the work they are doing and excited about attending college and about their future career opportunities. That has always struck me as very special.”

We thank Novelis for both the recognition of our students’ dedication and your growing support of our program. Like them, we cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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