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Shana Edgar-Bagley is the Marketing Manager at C5 Georgia Youth Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to inspire high-potential youth from risk-filled environments to pursue personal success, to prepare them for leadership roles in college, work and community, and to motivate them to become role models for others. During her time at C5 Georgia, she has overseen the successful execution of the Bright from the Start’s summer food program, gaining over fifty thousand dollars in reimbursement from the state. She currently works to maximize the impact C5 Georgia programming has on our students, and to optimize the value C5 Georgia students create in the world.

Shana found her passion for working in service while employed at a medically supervised weight loss center for the morbidly obese. Each week patients would visit the clinic to weigh in, meet with the doctor and nutritionist—each week the patients would feel better and be in improved health. It is then when Shana realized her passion was to be a catalyst for improvement in the lives of others. For that reason, C5 Georgia spoke to her—C5 serves students from her high school alma mater.

Shana is an alumnus of Emory University and lives in College Park with her husband and two daughters.

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