About the Program

How much does the program cost?

Our program is free to all participants. However, there are some associated costs that we would like you to be aware of.

  • Transportation to and from Pathway events (3 per year)located in Atlanta
  • Clothing or supplies needed for the summer experience (flashlight, hiking boots, etc.)
  • A registration fee of $25 per year to reserve your child’s space at his/her summer experience

What are the minimum requirements to stay in the program?

  1. Students are to complete a designated amount of community service hours each year
  2. Attend (3 – 5) mandatory Pathway events each year
  3. Attend the summer experience each year.

If a C5 Student is unable to attend a Pathway event, they must notify a director BEFORE the event so that they can complete the assigned make-up assignment.

What happens if our family moves?

We have several students in the C5 program who moved to a different state (or country) after they began the program. These students are still able to participate in C5 provided that they complete their service hours, complete their make-up assignments, and attend the summer experience each year.

Is this an academic program?

The primary focus of C5 Georgia is youth leadership development. Our curriculum is focused on teamwork, communication, goal setting, responsibility, and leadership. However, we do believe that graduating from a four-year university is an important measure of success. To this end, we monitor participant grades and connect them to tutoring if needed, create opportunities for students to visit college campuses, and provide assistance as students complete their school applications and apply for scholarships.

Does C5 offer a scholarship?

While C5 does not offer a scholarship to its participants, we believe that there is money available for every student to attend university. We put students on the right track for great opportunities! Our students have gone on to be POSSE Scholars, Coke Scholars, Gates Millennium Scholars, and many more.

About Leadership U Camp

How long is Leadership U Camp?

Leadership U Camp is 26 days long and students will either be in session 1 (June) or session 2 (July).

Where is Leadership U Camp?

Camp Adahi is the site for C5 summer experience during years 1 and 2. The physical address, which is the same as the mailing address is 125 Camp Adahi Road, Menlo, GA30731. It is located about 2 hours northwest of Atlanta close to the Alabama border.

Can I talk to my child while he/she is at Leadership U Camp?

Parents and family members may visit Leadership U Camp on the first and last days of the session. In between these days, parents and family members are not allowed to visit with campers with exception given to family emergencies such as a death in the family.

While we are at camp, our staff may be reached by calling the camp main line or sending an email. We encourage both campers and families to send letters/packages during the summer.

Can my child leave Leadership U Camp?

With exception given to family emergencies (i.e. death in the family) that have been discussed with a director ahead of time, campers are required to stay at Leadership U Camp the entire session.

What kind of medical staff is at the Leadership U Camp?

A registered camp nurse is on duty 24 hours a day while Leadership U Camp is in session. The health supervisor is responsible for all medications and treatments to campers while on camp. Floyd Urgent Care, located about 20 minutes away in Summerville, is the nearest medical facility.

Is transportation to Leadership U Camp provided by C5?

Yes. Before each session, a bus will be available to pick up campers at Perimeter Mall and take them to Leadership U Camp. Similarly, campers may ride the bus back to Perimeter Mall once their session is finished. Families may drive students to camp on the first day and pick them up on the last day is this is preferred.

What does my child bring to Leadership U Camp?

Each year C5 will provide a pack list of everything needed for the summer experience. If your child is accepted you will receive this list in April, prior to attending the New Parent Orientation meeting. We do not allow campers to bring electronics to camp including cell phones, IPods, computers, and gaming systems. Digital Cameras are allowed. All electronics will be collected from campers and held in the office until the end of camp.

About the Application Process

How many people are accepted each year?

Each year, C5 accepts 72 students; 36 boys and 36 girls.

How will I find out if I am accepted?

Once all applicants have been interviewed you will receive a letter in the mail. This letter will confirm one of three decisions:

  1. Accepted: This means that you have been accepted into C5 and will be going to camp in the summer.
  2. Wait-list: This means that you have been put on a wait list of 20 students. Whenever an accepted applicant is unable to attend camp or declines participation in the program C5 will contact the next student at the top of the wait-list.
  3. Unaccepted: This means that you have not been accepted into C5.

How does the interview process work?

  • All applicants will participate in a group interview during the month of February. Interviews will be held at selected locations throughout surrounding Metro-Atlanta.
  • Interviews will occur during the week, weekends, during day hours and evening hours. Please select interview location, day and time based upon individual needs.
  • A C5 interview lasts about 2 hours and includes a group activity as well as an individual interview.
  • All applicants’ interview scores will be combined with their applications to produce a total score. The top 36 boys and girls will be selected based on this criterion.
  • Failure to be on time or attend your selected interview may affect the students score and/or acceptance into C5.