This May, another cohort of leaders graduated from high school and the C5 Georgia program. Check out some photos from our Evening with Graduates and read one student’s story:

By: Clare Marshall, Class of 2016

3,024 days. 12 years; all leading up to 1 diploma. We are told that our high school careers shape our futures. Rather than running scared, we became those we looked up to the moment we stepped across the stage at graduation. Looking out among our parents, siblings, teachers, friends, and classmates, we are flooded with the memories, the missed opportunities, but most importantly we are reminded of our 4 years of accomplishments and successes. Whether it be winning a championship or making honor roll, everything we did made us the graduates we are today. Once we exit that stage with our diplomas in our hands, we are not finishing our story but rather coming to an end of our prologue.

250 interviewees. 72 flints. 5 years. 1 family.  C5 Georgia Youth Foundation brought 72 rising eighth graders together for a summer of leadership, adventure, and challenges. Summer 2011 concluded but our C5 journey had only begun. We made unbreakable bonds where strangers became life-long friends and counselors became mentors.

1 month; 27 days was all it took for Camp Adahi to become more than a summer camp. Over the years we have overcome many trials and tribulations. We have conquered our fears of bugs, heights, and homesickness by leading ourselves Flint year. We have planned multiple evening programs and C5 events by leading others in our Lantern year. We expanded our horizons Hammer year by trekking through the outback of Wyoming encountering hail and breaking the Bridges record by hiking 73 miles in 6 days.

We became college ready our Compass year by planning and embarking on a week long college tour. And finally, we were committed to a better future our Medallion year by presenting our Act Now Summit on community policing. The class of 2016’s C5 book ended on May 3rd with an Evening with Graduates. That night was the night we finally saw all that C5 had done for us. Over 3 million dollars in scholarships, over 20 different schools in over 5 different states, all from 1 group of students who meet 5 years ago. Students who grew and changed together, who shared life stories and memories crowded around a campfire.

Graduating from C5 with our class means more to us than anyone will ever know and more than can be expressed in words, it is because of that that we are eternally grateful to the staff who stuck with us through it all, the countless volunteers, and, of course, each other. This was our C5 journey and now we are headed towards greatness in our upcoming sequel.


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