Among other goals, the C5 Georgia program exists to create leaders—motivated, fearless, creative individuals with the drive and power to change their lives and the lives of others. So when we have the chance to not only hear about something great one of our alumni is doing but also spread the word about their entrepreneurial endeavors, we’re more than happy to step up and tell everyone we know.

Jacky Kwong is a 2011 C5 Georgia graduate and a current University of Georgia senior. (He’ll graduate in December of this year, a semester early.) In addition to wrapping up his degree in business management, he’s also participating in what he describes as an “internship” with a company called College Works Painting. This, however, is no ordinary internship. Jacky is actually running his own branch of the painting company in Johns Creek, managing the business from the ground up—developing and executing his own marketing plan, conducting sales, doing estimates, hiring and terminating employees and pretty much everything else one can imagine being on the punch list of a business owner.

Jacky beat out more than 700 entrants and made it through a seven-round interview process to get the job. He says he owes the courage to take on such serious responsibility to C5 Georgia. “Part of what C5 Georgia has taught me is that everything that I could possibly want in life is outside of my comfort zone, success included,” says Kwong. “That being said, when I heard about this unique opportunity to run my own branch of a business, I jumped on the chance to not only prove to everybody that I can succeed, but also to prove to myself that I am capable of rising to such a challenge.”

If that doesn’t embody C5’s five C’s to the letter, we don’t know what does. For more information or to get a quote for exterior painting, contact College Works Painting at 888-450-9675. If you do, tell them you heard about Jacky and the program through C5 Georgia and you’ll be giving back to our program as well. Jacky pledges to give fifty dollars for every job he gains through references from C5 Georgia directly to the organization.

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