Generally, springtime has us focusing on one specific “C” in our curriculum—College-bound—but today, we’d like to take a moment to pay homage to another vitally important part of the C5 mission: our directive to be Community-focused.

Every C5 Georgia Medallion Class (that’s our 5th year students) takes part in Actively Changing Tomorrow Now (ACT Now), a program that focuses their creative energy and problem-solving skills on identifying issues (and formulating solutions to) problems faced by communities close to home. Past years have seen lots of great thought and action on topics such as human trafficking and homelessness. This year, we’re preparing to ACT on issues relating to the recent and too frequent shootings of unarmed minorities by law enforcement officers around the country. Our students will work on solutions regarding media and pop culture influences, community development, social demographics and racial profiling, and police training and development.

Our first gathering to plan, collaborate and determine our focus for the year took place in January at the Atlanta-Fulton County Library and Centennial Park, and we made sure to document the meet up.

The owners of Metro City Dogs were enchanted with our students, and hooked us up with some delicious hot dogs.

Mohammed Anthony, a drummer often seen and heard at Pemberton Place, transfixed some of our students. In addition to being a musician and military veteran, Mr. Anthony is a motivational speaker and shared some wise words with our group.

Finally, one of our C5 Georgia Alumni, Arsidez Leon, has a brick in Centennial Park! We happily located it.

Save the date: June 12th our students will reconvene to share their ideas, research and creative solutions in presentations that are sure to be incredibly insightful. Join us!

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