written by Class of 2015 Graduate, Leah Scott

RaurFest was created by fellow C5 Georgia Alumni Raury Tullis–who is now an up and coming Atlanta music artist. RaurFest was more than just a concert, it was an avenue at which Raury’s young fans could serve their community by donating clothes to Love Beyond Walls, who also there to give makeovers to their constituents.

The event was held in the oldest building in Atlanta, the Freight Depot. The venue showcases Raury’s creativity and passion; he chose the oldest venue for the youngest crowd. He believes in the young people of this generation and their bright futures; he believes that young people should give back to the community because that is what unifies us. RaurFest brought together artists and audience members from different backgrounds, all with the same goals:  to give to their community while having the chance to indulge their love of good music.

My experience at RaurFest was fantastic! It felt so good to give back to my community and see so many young people doing the same. I could see the impact we made on the happy faces of the people who received the clothes.

I am so proud of my fellow alumni, Raury. He has taken the leadership and community focus that he gained with C5 Georgia, and added his own character to produce amazing results. RaurFest taught me that no matter where you go in life, it is important to support your community because the community is your support. As a group C5 Georgia students were able to give back to the homeless people of Atlanta. Thank you so much, Raury, for the opportunity to give back in such a meaningful way.

Check out the event recap.

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