Spring has arrived in Atlanta and with it, lots of exciting things to share with the C5 family. Ready?


Each group of students comes to C5 with their own set of talents and challenges. Watching them make the journey from Flint to Medallion reminds us all of how meaningful this work is. Roughly 30 days after the Class of 2017 enters their post-secondary experience, our newest class – the Class of 2022 – begins their C5 journey with Camp Leadership U.

To help ensure that each and every C5 student reaches their fullest potential, they participate in intensive learning experiences called Pathways. Each Pathway is designed to prepare students for the next phase of the program and the next phase in their personal development. They also help to keep our students connected as they expand their horizons together.

The Class of 2018 recently participated in an ACT Now Work Day. Students continued their research on the topic of Gentrification. Emory Law School facilitated a “Know Your Rights” workshop to educate our students on their rights if coming into contact with the police. Another recent Pathway was “ABCs & XYZs” which focused on applying for college, scholarships, and financial aid, as well as navigating a college campus. Students met in their designated committee groups and made presentations on planned events and activities for each committee. Students also attended the NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counseling) and met with representatives from over 250 institutions. The Hammers honed their outdoor leadership skills at Sweetwater Creek State Park for the Bridges Prep Final. They heard from peers who have already had their Bridges experience about what to expect and how to overcome adversity as a group in the outdoors. Upcoming Pathways include “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” which focuses on career planning.

Alumni Spotlight

Our team is very focused on the day-to-day work of making C5 Georgia the best it can possibly be for our current students, so it’s always a huge thrill when we hear from our graduates to see how C5 Georgia has changed their trajectory.

Recently, we heard from C5 Georgia Class of 2012 graduate Carlo Wood. Carlo is graduating from George Washington University School of Business this Spring. If that wasn’t enough to dazzle us, he has also been selected to be the student speaker at commencement!

Carlo shared a copy of his commencement address with us and it couldn’t be more inspiring. He builds the speech around the idea of “walking slowly through the halls”, advice given to him by his middle school band director. Carlo writes “To walk slowly through the halls is to actively observe and listen to those around you. Walk slowly through the halls and the conversation might lead to a new friendship. Walk slowly through the halls and your compassion could be someone’s saving grace.” In short, every time we engage with each other, we open ourselves up to new opportunities for self-discovery and self-improvement.   

We asked Carlo how C5 played a role in his success and he replied that “C5 is the reason I went to college in the first place.” Carlo says that because of C5 values and cornerstones, he developed the skill of influence leadership. Because of the things he learned in the program, he was able to influence, lead, and inspire his peers and the administration across the School of Business where they felt he was deserving of giving the final address. Congratulations, Carlo! 

An Evening with the Graduates

It’s hard to believe it’s almost time for the Class of 2017 to graduate! These leaders have persevered through sometimes difficult obstacles on the road to this milestone and we are so proud of all that they’ve accomplished. This calls for a celebration!

Please join us for An Evening with Graduates at the World Headquarters of The Coca-Cola Company, located at the intersection of North Avenue and Luckie Streets. This event is the culmination of the Class of 2017’s five-year journey through the challenging and enriching experiences which have positioned them to achieve their greatest potential.

C5 Georgia exists to inspire high-potential youth from risk-filled environments to pursue personal success, to prepare them for leadership roles in college, work and community, and to motivate them to become role models for others. On April 27, we invite you to meet members of the Class of 2017 to witness and celebrate their successes.

Thank you to Westrock for their generous support as our Presenting Sponsor. There are additional opportunities for you or your company to make a difference in the lives of young leaders and their communities!  Click here to find out how!

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