We think our students are amazing. And we know you’ll think so too if you get to know them, so we’d like to introduce you to a few of them personally. Welcome to the first of our student profile series, and say hello to Greg Calhoun.

Currently a Campbell High senior, a middle school teacher nominated the Atlanta native for participation in the C5 Georgia program. “After finding out about the program I thought it would be a fun and helpful way to become a better leader. But as a young 7th grader, I was really scared of not being accepted.” Fortunately, the self-described “kinda shy, kinda weird guy” was, and fit in immediately. “Throughout my experience I’ve enjoyed all of it. The ups and downs with the members in my class, to the hard times during trek in Wyoming, to planning multiple events and making sure everything runs smoothly. But my favorite memory would be the time we spent during trek in Wyoming.”

Today, he’s planning to attend college (he has a scholarship to Mars Hill University), get a degree in Sports Medicine, and open his own practice or work for a major league team as a Physical Trainer. He tells us he owes much of his success to C5 Georgia’s curriculum and connective programming: “When I entered the program it was kind of hard to make real friends because I used to pretend to be somebody I wasn’t. C5 showed me how to be myself and that friends will come to me. This made the path of school a little bit easier because I have always been a top-notch student.  Also, C5 has really helped me with getting ready for college.”

Greg is like a lot of our students—maturely introspective and insightful about his time in our program. “C5 has really helped me become more open minded about life and has pushed me to be more productive in my community, which is much needed in society today,” he says. “The program has also helped me to become a better person and a better leader. I love C5 Georgia because it a great program, the staff that are all awesome people and they really care for the students. They are our parents away from home. I’m just proud to be a C5er and grateful to be a part of this organization.”

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