With as much enthusiasm as diners are greeted in every one of their establishments, C5 Georgia would like to express a rousing thank you to Sterling Restaurants—operators of Moe’s Southwestern Grill. In a city bursting at the seams with subs and pizza, our students will now enjoy a culinary change of pace thanks to Mark Monroe (owner of the first Atlanta Moe’s), as his group has pledged to feed our students at pathways events for the entire year. Our C5ers couldn’t be more thrilled—and neither could we. This wonderful in-kind donation allows us as an organization to spend more money on programming for our young people and less time thinking about the food that will fuel their learning and inspiration.

We had to ask Mark, “Why do you do it?” It seems it’s part of an admirable personal and corporate mission. “When we started Sterling Restaurants, we said on day 1 that we were committed to giving 5% of profits back to local charities,” says Monroe. “It was important for us to support and give back to the community that makes our success possible.  We also have always been passionate about developing our people.  When we learned of C5 Georgia, the fit was perfect.  C5 helps to develop their people, in this case local kids that were maybe not given all of the advantages we were.  It was easy to say yes!  Keep up the good work and we are happy to support in any way we can!”

We’re happy to oblige, and lift a burrito in cheers to Sterling Restaurants, Mark, and Moe’s employees everywhere.

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