October 16th is National Dictionary Day—did you know? In the spirit of this pretty cool and maybe not so well known, vocabulary-rich holiday, we’d like to take a moment and spell out a few words (and acronyms) that you’ll hear often around C5, but that might not be so common in other organizations or in everyday conversations. Your assignment on this wordiest of days? See how many of these terms you can make part of the dialogue when you talk to others about C5.

Ready? Set? Learn!

LOD: noun. Stands for leader of the day. In a group, the person assigned the honor of taking charge and helping make the tough decisions. Being an LOD is an important, but necessarily humble position. A good one never lets power go to their head, because they know there be a new LOD tomorrow.

Trek: noun. The C5 summer experience that our students love to hate. Trek takes place during the Hammer year. It’s challenging, will push you to your limits, and when it’s over, you’ll be grateful that you made it out stronger, wiser, and able to take on anything life can throw at you. Ask a C5er, and they’ll likely tell you trek was the most transformative part of their experience.

Pathway: noun. C5 events that take place during the school year. Each pathway focuses on a specific C5 track: college and career, leadership development and social awareness, or community action and advocacy.

SAP: noun. Stands for social awareness program. We like to say that during this program, our students really get sappy, taking on topics that are uncomfortable but must be discussed, like stereotyping, gender inequality, bullying, the Freshman 15, and a whole range of other dicey topics so important to social and emotional growth.

Flint: noun. First year student. Flints come to us in their 8th grade year and spend their first term with us focusing on learning to lead themselves.

Lantern: noun. Second year student. Lanterns are freshman in high school, and spend their second year with C5 learning to lead others.

Hammer: noun. Third year student. Hammers are sophomores in high school, and spend their third year with C5 expanding their horizons.

Compass: noun. Fourth year student. Compasses are juniors in high school, and spend their fourth year with C5 exploring their futures.

Medallion: noun. Fifth year student. Medallions are seniors in high school, and in addition to preparing for graduation and beyond, these veteran C5ers spend their final year with us engaging with their communities.

Intentional: adjective. Done on purpose; deliberate. Everything we do in C5 is intentional. Our program was intentionally built to promote growth in our young leaders, and it is intentionally delivered to ensure that each participant gains the skills necessary for a successful life.

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