Our students aren’t always the ones getting an education around here. Sometimes, we get the opportunity to teach others a bit about what we do—and what we can accomplish—through the C5 Georgia program. We got the opportunity to do just that in early April, when several students from UGA visited us during a seminar about college access, persistence and retention.

The UGA students came wanting to learn about our students and what the impact of our immersive, 5-year leadership program is on how underserved students access, persist and stay committed throughout their higher education. We enjoyed the students’ visit and questions, and we think they got a lot out of the meeting as well. One doctoral student summed it up: “[C5 Georgia shows the student how to] focus on being a productive person that know what to do with the privileges that they have.”

Dr. Darris Means, the UGA professor in charge of the trip was appreciative as well. “Thank you and your staff for hosting my class at C5,” he wrote. “It was a fantastic visit. The students and I learned a lot, and the students walked away with a greater understanding of issues relating to college access and how C5 addresses access challenges. I hope to keep in touch.”

What’s great is, we know he will. Dr. Means is currently working to identify UGA students that wish to complete their practicum requirement at C5 Georgia.  For our part, we’re honored and extremely excited about the prospect, as it ties closely to our long-term strategy of seeing 95% of our C5 Georgia alumni graduate from college.

Here’s to the future—and future collaborations with UGA.

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