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We encourage C5 youth to be...

Character-driven, Community-focused, Challenge-ready, College-bound, Committed to a better future.


C5 Georgia offers a distinct approach to preparing students to lead meaningful, accomplished lives.  A leadership program at its core, C5 Georgia's 5-year curriculum and emphasis on community volunteerism provides a long-term, multi-faceted approach to developing the new opportunities and make beneficial contributions to society.  For the students we select, we offer an unparalleled opportunity to learn and prepare for the future.  We depend on our partners in the community to nominate deserving youth who are prepared for C5.

C5 Georgia is designed to keep students with promise on track.  Not all youth are ready to succeed in an intensive and demanding 5-year program, but for the motivated, high-performing young person, we offer opportunities to build a vision for the future and to develop the skills needed to turn that vision into a reality.  

We recognize that youth from under resourced communities often fail to achieve their potential.  They can't envision a positive future because they receive limited support, few opportunities, and inadequate direction at critical points in their lives.  C5 provides a support network and enriching experience that prepare the young people in the program for success in school, work, and life.


C5 Georgia establishes partnerships with schools and youth-serving organizations that have close connections with our target program participants.  These partners are able to observe students' potential, understand students' life situations, and assess their challenge-readiness.

Each partner should identify a point person to be the liaison between C5 Georgia and the partner organization to identify students, work with nominees and their families on the application process, and communicate deadlines and requirements.

We know that not all nominees will submit an application but we depend on our partners to help us identify nominees who will meet our eligibility criteria.   While not all students nominated from a particular school or agency may be selected, it is important that all eligible students from an organization be nominated  to improve the chances that some will be selected.


We take selection very seriously.  C5 Georgia will invest about $15,000 in each participant during his/her five years with our program. We want to invest in young people who are likely to make the most of the opportunity. C5 is a life-changing experience. To reap the benefits, young people and their families must invest personally and stick with the program over time. Nominating a student who is not likely to continue with C5 may prevent a more suitable youth from taking full advantage of the experience. The “right” students are those who are most likely to make C5 a priority and who are ready to add as much to C5 value as they benefit from it.

C5 Georgia selection is rigorous and competitive. We receive hundreds completed applications and of those applicants, 32 young people (16 boys and 16 girls) are selected to join C5 Georgia each year. Only those students who participate in the full process will be considered for selection.

The C5 selection process has 4 key components:
• Step 1: Identifying Candidates
• Step 2: Applications & Letters of Recommendations
• Step 3: Interviews
• Step 4: Evaluation & Final Selection