Spring at C5

Spring has arrived in Atlanta and with it, lots of exciting things to share with the C5 family. Ready? Pathways Each group of students comes to C5 with their own set of talents and challenges. Watching them make the journey from Flint to Medallion reminds us all of how meaningful this work is. Roughly 30…Continue Reading

Alternative Spring Break

Join us for Alternative Spring Break festivities! We’ve put together a week of service and fun, kicking off with our first annual Alternative Spring Break Lock-Out! The cost of the Alternative Spring Break Lock Out is $25 which includes: a C5 ASB17 t-shirt, lodging at Sweetwater Creek State park, 3 meals, and transportation to the…Continue Reading

Graduating to the Next Chapter

This May, another cohort of leaders graduated from high school and the C5 Georgia program. Check out some photos from our Evening with Graduates and read one student’s story: By: Clare Marshall, Class of 2016 3,024 days. 12 years; all leading up to 1 diploma. We are told that our high school careers shape our…Continue Reading

Community Service and Beautification on the Beltline

Community service is a pivotal part of the C5 experience, with every student required to complete at least 250 hours during their five years with us. That’s the minimum, mind you. Many go above and beyond their commitment. This work is an important tenant of our program, but the commitment is modeled by and begins…Continue Reading

What’s C5 All About? Learn Now.

C5 isn’t much without our students. So, one of the most important things we do every year is carefully select the young people who will be a part of our five-year experience. This selection process is a necessary phase of the C5 experience, but it’s also a great chance for students to learn about and…Continue Reading

#C5ATLtakeover – National ACT Now! Summit

Sixteen young people can do amazing things—especially when they’re C5 students. A small group of our students—four from each of the four C5 sites (C5 Georgia, C5 LA, C5 New England and C5 Texas)—more than proved it one soggy week in Atlanta recently, as they took our city by storm, ready to take on its…Continue Reading

The Lexicon of Leadership

October 16th is National Dictionary Day—did you know? In the spirit of this pretty cool and maybe not so well known, vocabulary-rich holiday, we’d like to take a moment and spell out a few words (and acronyms) that you’ll hear often around C5, but that might not be so common in other organizations or in…Continue Reading

Buy Groceries. Give Back.

Buying groceries is something most of us do every single week. Last year however, twenty-two families did something extra special as they checked things off their shopping list: they helped C5 Georgia raise much-needed funds. And this year, you can help, too! C5 Georgia participates in Kroger’s Community Rewards program; a perk that’s probably the easiest way ever…Continue Reading

Five Things We Miss About our Summer of C5

It has begun: school is back in session. But before we all get too busy with assignments and extracurriculars, we’re inclined to look back—to all the amazing accomplishments our students made over the summer (we’re so proud of them), to their hard work, to the challenges they overcame in the past two months, and to…Continue Reading

C5 Lives to Lead in DC

This summer, C5 Georgia Flint Brandon Wilson participated in a great program called JrNYLC – the Junior National Young Leaders Conference. In his words, it’s an “organization that educates students on the history of the U.S. beyond textbooks.” Hands-on and immersive, the program features two five-day sessions every summer that allow budding leaders to find…Continue Reading

Summer Days, Supportive Connections

Summer brought us new friends and rekindled old connections this year, as the C5 Georgia Board of Directors met at Camp Adahi for our annual camp summit. Steve Prediletto, Wealth Management Advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, happily reconnected with Jacob and Victor from the Class of 2019 during this session, and made new connections with Andrew,…Continue Reading

RaurFest: Inspiring to C5 Students and Alumni Alike

written by Class of 2015 Graduate, Leah Scott RaurFest was created by fellow C5 Georgia Alumni Raury Tullis–who is now an up and coming Atlanta music artist. RaurFest was more than just a concert, it was an avenue at which Raury’s young fans could serve their community by donating clothes to Love Beyond Walls, who…Continue Reading

C5 Students give some Puppy Love!

Our fourth year students on Road to College continue their service throughout their trips north and south of Atlanta. Our students that visited some southern colleges and universities also stopped to make some new friends at the Leon County Humane Society in Tallahassee, Florida. The students assisted the organization prepare for their Dog Wash fundraiser.…Continue Reading

Crawl, Walk, Hula Hoop? C5 Joins Enterprise Holdings for a Field Day

On June 12, 72 C5 Georgia Flint and Lantern students, plus 18 Enterprise Holdings regional and local team members including Regional Vice President Tim Schaumburg and Director of Sales Heather Patrick, teamed up, got ready, set, and tackled the holding company’s Go GREEN Life and Leadership Obstacle course head on. Designed for team building and…Continue Reading

UGA Visits C5

Our students aren’t always the ones getting an education around here. Sometimes, we get the opportunity to teach others a bit about what we do—and what we can accomplish—through the C5 Georgia program. We got the opportunity to do just that in early April, when several students from UGA visited us during a seminar about…Continue Reading

Live to Lead, Over and Over

C5 Georgia is a pivotal experience for students; ask any of them, past and present, and they’ll tell you as much. What’s lesser known however, is just how many of our former C5-ers, camp counselors and seasonal staff return to work with us year after year. These dedicated young people are the force that keeps…Continue Reading

Help Us Celebrate Our Class of 2015!

In 10 days, C5 Georgia’s Class of 2015 will descend upon the Fabulous Fox Theater’s Egyptian Ballroom, dressed in their caps and gowns, ready to take on the world. Among those celebrating with the students will be their families, current and past staff, C5 Georgia Heroes, generous sponsors, and loyal C5 Georgia friends. Won’t you…Continue Reading

Hitting New Heights: Youth Service Day 2015

C5 Georgia’s program travels along a natural arc: The first year, our students learn to lead themselves. The second year, they learn to lead others. And in the third year, they move beyond, expanding their horizons and implementing those leadership skills through experiences they’ll never forget. One of the ways they do this is by…Continue Reading

We’re a United Way grant winner!

C5 Georgia is thrilled to announce that we’ve been named as one of eight recipients of a United Way grant in 2015! These honors are bestowed on agencies that transform lives and focus on building stronger communities—which certainly fits with our mission and passion around here. Total grants awarded to all winners were $257,000. We’re…Continue Reading

One-Hundred and Thirty-Four

134…the number of volunteers it took this year to select our class of new rising eighth-graders. Look at these faces! Do you see anyone you recognize? Last week, C5 Georgia Youth Foundation selected its class of 2020–and that would not have been possible without our volunteers! Without application readers and our interviewers, we would not…Continue Reading

Preparing to ACT Now!

Generally, springtime has us focusing on one specific “C” in our curriculum—College-bound—but today, we’d like to take a moment to pay homage to another vitally important part of the C5 mission: our directive to be Community-focused. Every C5 Georgia Medallion Class (that’s our 5th year students) takes part in Actively Changing Tomorrow Now (ACT Now),…Continue Reading

Selection Season Brings Students Together—And Alumni Back to C5

It’s selection season at C5 Georgia Youth Foundation, and our staff and volunteers have met and interviewed more than three hundred students, all vying for 72 spots in the C5 Georgia class of 2020. It’s been exciting and nerve-wracking—for our students, parents and everyone involved, as they took a close look at life through the…Continue Reading

THANK YOU to Moe’s!

With as much enthusiasm as diners are greeted in every one of their establishments, C5 Georgia would like to express a rousing thank you to Sterling Restaurants—operators of Moe’s Southwestern Grill. In a city bursting at the seams with subs and pizza, our students will now enjoy a culinary change of pace thanks to Mark…Continue Reading

C5: A Testimonial

by Xavius Robinson, Class of 2013 Good Evening, I am Xavius Robinson, a proud C5 Georgia Graduate of the Class of 2013, currently attending Beulah Heights University where I will major in Counseling with a Minor in ministerial studies. I stand here today as a living representation of what your money does. It brings young…Continue Reading

C5 Georgia and GPB Stop the Drop

Did you know: Georgia’s high school graduation rate is less than 70 percent—well below the national average? We think as a state, we can do better—much better. At C5 Georgia, we understand first-hand the variety of things that can contribute to this statewide problem, and it’s part of our very mission to close the gap…Continue Reading

9 Times a Hole in One

The weather was perfect. The golfers—all 240 of them—were itching at the first tee for a chance to play 18 holes at Atlanta’s historic East Lake Golf Club. It was the 9th annual C5 Coca-Cola Golf Classic—a milestone year and the 9th time Atlantic Packaging has been our presenting sponsor. The tournament raised over $760,000…Continue Reading

Five Years of Challenge and Change

We’re celebrating a truly moving anniversary at C5: For the 5th year in a row, more than 250 C5 Georgia students gathered together for a day of fellowship, learning and leading to participate in our yearly Youth Leadership Summit. It’s perhaps the event of the year for our students, bringing all C5 classes together to…Continue Reading

Student Spotlight: Greg Calhoun

We think our students are amazing. And we know you’ll think so too if you get to know them, so we’d like to introduce you to a few of them personally. Welcome to the first of our student profile series, and say hello to Greg Calhoun. Currently a Campbell High senior, a middle school teacher…Continue Reading

Student Spotlight: Sarah Hamil

Our students are amazing. And you’ll think so too once you get to know them, so we’d like to personally introduce you to a few. Today, let’s say hi to Sarah Hamil. Sarah has lived her “whole entire life” in Cumming, Georgia, where she attended West Forsyth High. Nominated by a middle school counselor, her…Continue Reading

C5 Travelogue, Part 2

For two long and, we hear, amazing weeks, 6 C5 Georgia students traveled to China for the cultural experience of a lifetime—our fourth such trip in as many years. Our chaperone this year was Tiffany-Nicole Ward, former C5er and current University of Georgia Master of Public Administration Candidate and Graduate Resident. She sent us updates…Continue Reading

C5 Travelogue, Part 1

For two long and, we hear, amazing weeks, six C5 Georgia students traveled to China for the cultural experience of a lifetime—our fourth such trip in as many years. Our chaperone this year was Tiffany-Nicole Ward, former C5er and current University of Georgia Master of Public Administration Candidate and Graduate Resident. While she was away,…Continue Reading

Happy Trails!

Post by Shelby Moyer. As school begins again, we are so grateful for the families that entrusted their young people to us over the summer, and throughout the year. We are thankful for those who enable C5 Georgia to continue to support these youth and change their lives with experiences they never thought they would…Continue Reading

C5 Georgia & Coca-Cola Procurement Cup

Each summer, Coca-Cola’s Procurement department spends a Sunday at Camp Adahi showing our students what they’ve got! This year they planned a FIFA World Cup style soccer tournament for the students and finished the day on the grill with hot dogs and hamburgers! For more information on how your organization can host a summer BBQ…Continue Reading

Raury Tullis Finds His Beat

Recent Tucker High School and C5 Georgia graduate Raury Tullis wants to “change what’s cool in this city and what people think when they think of Atlanta’s artistic scene.” Atlanta’s Creative Loafing (CL) thinks the future of the ATL’s musical future rests in his hands—and even gave him the cover of the magazine’s annual Music…Continue Reading

Students Give Back

C5 student Sanjana Reddy may have just completed her first summer in our program, but she’s already well on her way to becoming a leader and influencer. While most kids consider summer break a chance to relax or perhaps even get ahead for the coming school year, Reddy, 12, spent the first half of her…Continue Reading

Lessons in Learning and Giving Back: Alumni Jacky Kwong

Among other goals, the C5 Georgia program exists to create leaders—motivated, fearless, creative individuals with the drive and power to change their lives and the lives of others. So when we have the chance to not only hear about something great one of our alumni is doing but also spread the word about their entrepreneurial…Continue Reading

Onward, to College and the Future!

Hello, and welcome to the C5 Georgia Youth Foundation blog, and our first blog post! This is where we’ll share the best of what’s happening at C5 Georgia, with our program, our students and our special events. We’re excited to bring you along as we Live to Lead 365 days a year, so, let’s get…Continue Reading

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