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Medallion - Class of 2020

As Medallions, you will spend your last year in the C5 Georgia program engaging your community. Through your Medallion Projects, you will explore your passions and create your cap stone project using all that you have learned and experienced in the past four years  with C5 Georgia. Be courageous as you prepare to embark on your next journey into post secondary education.



7-13 ACT Now! Summit



7 Medallion Boot Camp

21 Youth Leadership Summit

21 Medallion Project Proposals Due NEW



7 Medallion Project Feedback NEW

19 Project Work, College App & Scholarship Reviews

26 Project Work, College App & Scholarship Reviews



Student-Led Family Service Month

9 Project Work, College App & Scholarship Reviews


7 Holiday Celebration

7 Community Service Check



11 "Cafe' C5" - Medallion Check-In 

20 MLK Service Day

20 Medallion Reflections Due NEW



Volunteer with C5 Georgia during Student Selection

17 Medallion Project Presentations (by appt.)

22 Medallion Project Presentations (by appt.)



7 Paths to Graduation



6 Alternative Spring Break Service Week

Medallion Resources

College Resources - A mini site devoted to college applications, testing, scholarships, and more.

Mobileserve - Enter all community service hours here

Community Service Opportunities - Coming Soon!

2019-2020 Medallion Project Presentation Info

Medallion Pathway Experiences

Medallion Pathway Make Up Assignments

If you miss a pathway, you must complete the make-up assignment and submit it to your program director by its due date.

Medallion Boot Camp - Work on and Complete the Medallion Roadmap