2018 C5 Leadership Camp Begins on June 3rd

The 2018 Leadership Camp will begin on June 3rd with the incoming 2023 class starting their journey with C5. The students are very excited and eager to learn how to lead themselves. The incoming class is our Flints. They will be at camp for 26 days with our leaders. We commend their commitment to themselves and our community.

The Lanterns are second year students and will also arrive at camp on June 3rd. These students will begin the journey on leading others.

The Hammers, the third year students, will embark on expanding their horizons with an outward bound trek. They will begin the challenge ready section of our program.

The Compass’ will be taking a Road To College tour in July. These students are excited to visit several schools and start the process of becoming college bound.

The Medallions will be entering their senior year of high school and will tackle a social issue during the Act Now Summit. This is an exciting time for our seniors as they continue to become college and career ready.

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