At-Home Community Service Projects

Reach Out the Old School Way

There’s something about a handwritten note that just feels more meaningful than a text or email. It’s personal and something that you can hang on to forever! Share appreciation for someone or send kind thoughts the old school way. Get out your pen and paper and start writing. Be a world changing wordsmith.

  • Hand write a letter/note to a healthcare worker expressing thanks and support for their efforts right now
    • 2 Hours of service per note; Up to 5 notes
    • Please take a photo of your note and send to or text to 678-481-8484


Support a Cause

Create change in something you are passionate about.  Whether it’s a cause that has worldwide implications or something right in your own backyard, your voice matters.  Speak up today!

  • Write an email to your community's City Council or Mayor on a topic you are passionate about
    • Include a solution alongside the problem
    • 5 Hours of service for sending it to the government authority. Be sure to copy the submission to
  • Donate clothes or food
    • local shelter or Salvation Army/GoodWill
    • 2 Hours per Bag; Up to 4 Bags
    • Please send photo of bags to earn hours to
  • Complete a Pebble Tossers “How To Guide” activity
    • then select the yellow “How To Guide” button
    • 1 hour of service for every 5 items completed using the following guides:
      • No-Sew Fleece Blanket
      • No-Sew Dog Toy
      • Kindness Card
    • 3 hours of service for every 3 items completed using the following guides:
      • Hygiene Kit
      • Seedings Kit
    • Send us a picture of your completed project to


Create Your Own Plan

We all have things we care about and want to be of service to.  Design your own community service project and make a difference in something you really care about.  Send us pictures, a description of your service project, etc... to earn service credit hours.

letter writing graphic


A program, created by Karla Cortes and Michelle Garcia, devoted to helping small, local, and family businesses spread their reach and attract customers.  "Interns" will provide marketing talents like building a website or updating their Facebook or Instagram and filling it with different promotional ads.  Administrative support also needed.  Click below for more details and to apply for a position.  The application is open through September 1, 2020.

Young.Gen.Social Application