Medallion Project

Medallion Project Presentation Information

Sample Projects - Click on each to see examples of format and content.

This is your FINAL C5 Georgia Step before graduation. Now, all that is left is to TELL US ABOUT IT!

The Medallion Project Presentation:

  • Serves as official documentation of your completed Medallion Project
  • Is an opportunity for you to “brag” about the AMAZING initiatives you brought to your school, community and/or the world
  • Gives us the ability to share and highlight your efforts with the C5 Community and beyond
  • Inspires the next class of Medallions

Your project may have changed since your initial Medallion Project proposal; this is the opportunity to explain what you did in the end.



Presenters will have a 30-minute time block that includes a 20-minute presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A from the audience (C5 staff, C5 board, and/or business community volunteers)


Presentation must be in PowerPoint with photos, graphics, and other visual representations of your service project. Your presentation may also include additional visuals such as flyers, displays, project materials, etc…


I. Project Objective

This portion of your presentation should outline:

  • What you hoped to gain from the project
  • What you planned to do for your project

II. Community/Individual(s) served

Describe, tell about, and show who were served or who benefitted from your project both directly and indirectly.

III. Project Plans

Describe in detail your project plans.  This should include:

  • Tasks involved in setting up and completing the project
  • A timeline of completion
  • Items used to complete the project

IV. Plan Modifications

Explain any plans that were changed/shifted, or if you had to restructure your project or had to cancel any part of it and why.

V. Project Budget

Include the following information in some sort of graphic presentation of your budget:

  • Expenses – detailed
  • Income from Sales/Donations - detailed
  • In-Kind donations

VI. Project Impact

Sometimes projects are set up to serve a certain group or community and then when the project is finished, the impact has shifted to a different group or an additional group was added.

Describe what impact your project ultimately had on:

  • Individuals/Groups
  • The Community
  • The World

VII. Personal Impact

Describe how this project has impacted you. How your life actions and attitudes may have been changed by the work you put into your project and the experiences you had while trying to make a difference.