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Lantern Year - Learning to Lead Others

This is the year, Lantern, where you let your leadership light shine.  You will be given responsibilities for decisions and group management.  You will strengthen your organizational skills and will be asked to take charge and work in concert with others as you apply your leadership skills often.




MLK Service Day



Volunteer with C5 Georgia During Student Selection



Climbing the Ladder



2 Alternative Spring Break Kickoff Party

Bridges Prep Finale

Lantern Pathway Experiences


The weather made the Class of 2023 Lanterns' event quite a challenge, but the students were ready and willing to take on the rain and wind and take that first step in preparation for their Trek summer destination.  CHECK OUT the day here!


Climbing the Ladder

It was a beautiful, if chilly, day at the Georgia Tech Leadership Challenge Course.  The Class of 2023 Lanterns climbed to new heights, crossed great divides, and used teamwork to complete this fun and daring course.  CHECK OUT the day here!

20200229 CTL (226)
20200229 CTL (95)
20200229 CTL (42)

Lantern Pathway Make Up Assignments

If you miss a pathway, you must complete the make-up assignment and submit it to your program director by its due date.  If you don't see a make-up assignment below, please get in touch with a member of the program staff about make-up work.

2021 YLS Make-up Work: 

  1. Complete a High School Action Plan Link to form: Coming Soon
  2. Review the Keynote Address Video - Coming Soon