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Hammer Year - Expanding My Horizons

Expand your horizons, Hammers. This, your bridge year, will help you connect what you have been doing the past two years to what you will be doing the rest of your life. After this summer, you can do anything. Think of college as the wilderness you’ve just conquered and take it on with the same, sometimes frightened,  challenge-ready, perspective you brought home with you on the plane.



Find the Spark Within

MLK Service Day



Volunteer with C5 Georgia during Student Selection

Road to College Planning



ABCs + XYZs of Getting into College (Overnight)



Summer Registration Deadline in CampDoc

2 Alternative Spring Break Kickoff Party

Road to College Work Day

Hammer Resources

College Resources - A mini site devoted to college applications, testing, scholarships, and more.

Mobileserve - Enter all community service hours here: 50 HOURS REQUIRED

Hammer Pathway Experiences


An essential day spent learning how committees work and creating committees for various year-long pathway planning.


A great opportunity to connect with your fellow C5 classmates and learn about what drives your to want to make a difference in the world.

Hammer Pathway Make Up Assignments

If you miss a pathway, you must complete the make-up assignment and submit it to your program director by its due date.  If you don't see a make-up assignment below, please get in touch with a member of the program staff about make-up work.

2021 YLS Make-up Work: 

  1. Attend the Amazing Race Pathway
  2. Review the Keynote Address Video - Coming Soon