• Positive Impact - Supporting the C5 program ensures the success of teens ages 12-18 and helps them continue on the path to becoming leaders in our community through college and career readiness programming
  • Community Service – Connecting with our students through team building events, i.e. leadership luncheons, corporate BBQ’s, career ready programs, selection process, and career mentorship
  • Mentorship -Making a difference in a young person’s life benefits our community
  • Promotion - Aligning your company with the mission of C5 through all digital channels, website, newsletters, & social media


  • Champion a program – The opportunity to support a component of the C5 program such as “The Road to College”, the “Act Now Summit”, “Leadership Camp”
  • Career Ready Support Pathways Opportunity for companies to support  students in various career paths including STEM, Healthcare, Business, Entrepreneurship with leadership lunches, team building, mentorship, etc.
  • Fundraising events – Drive for Youth Classic (golf), Graduation (honoring the senior class), Youth Leadership Summit (all students and guests attend)
  • Sponsor a student – Each student is committed to 5 years of programming. We estimate it is a $15,000 investment. The goal is to connect with a student and support them throughout the program.
  • Volunteer – Volunteer opportunities include: Student Selection, speaking, hosting a leadership lunch, joining a committee, supporting events and pathways

Contact for more information about partnering with C5 Georgia.