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We are SO thrilled to welcome you to our C5 Georgia summer!

Camp will look different than it has in past summers. How amazing is it that we get to try a whole new world of camping with the classes of 2024 & 2025! We have come up with creative ways to teach you all the skills you need to become a leader in your family, schools, and communities and are excited about this new opportunity to learn.

We are pleased to introduce ADAHI AT A DISTANCE!!! (cue confetti) Our beloved summer home, Camp Adahi, is a special place and while we will miss the location, we understand that you and your family's health are most important. Therefore the stellar program staff of C5 will be adapting many of the incredible activities our leaders are involved in there to fit a virtual platform where we will share time together as we learn and grow.

Camp is a major component of your C5 experience, so it will be important to attend all your sessions, with a mind ready to share and receive. Leaders will be placed into virtual "cabin groups", where you will have the chance to get to know your fellow C5 peers on an even deeper level.

Summer Staff

Summer Schedule

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